How Do I...

Remember that saying, 'knowledge is power'?  Well, I'm not sure how much power you'll obtain with my shared knowledge or my 'how to(s)' but the key word in all this is SHARE.  We all know IMITATION is a form a flattery, but sometimes some of us don't know where to begin! And if I know it, I'm more than happy to share it!

As I live my day to day life, I rarely remember to take before and after pictures let alone a video so some of my videos may just be written slide shows.  Regardless, they are there, free of charge lol, for your viewing and learning pleasure! If you have any questions, just shoot me an email, I don't mind! And remember, just have fun.  Life is about making it your own...

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    A glimpse of the outside world..
    A shot of lavender.jpg.jpg
    Scrambled Eggs..

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